The Best Mindfulness Exercise Most People Don’t Know

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Mahmoud Khater, coach, trainer, consultant, author: The strength that pops out most for me is Curiosity. I pause at the end of my work day before I reach home and I find myself very curious: How did my family spent their day? What did my children learn at school today? Curiosity helps silence my inner judge and become more accepting, empathetic, and genuinely interested in my social interactions, and I can see others appreciate this and feel cared for and accepted in return.

Mahmoud Khater, Coach, trainer, consultant, author: Gratitude is another strength that emerges at the end of my mindful pauses. This strength empowers me in a unique way to give back, share and contribute my very best to my clients, my team at work and my community and the greater good. When I’m grateful I feel overwhelmingly blessed and become driven by a deep desire to share these blessings with all around me.

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