The Best Mindfulness Exercise Most People Don’t Know

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Caren Osten, coach/writer: I use the mindful pause in situations where I might react in a way that will not serve me well. For example, when I am frustrated with some of my teenage son’s behavior, I pause and both Self-Regulation and Perspective come forward. I then try to keep perspective, knowing that he loves me despite his behavior, and it is with self-regulation that I avoid the pull to say something I will regret in response to his words or actions.

Caren Osten, coach/writer: Before I interact with my mother who suffers from dementia, I engage in a mindful pause and it is the strength of Gratitude that emerges. I feel and express gratefulness for being able to take care of my mother and brighten her day, and grateful to her for the many moments in life that I looked to her as a role model.

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