The Best Mindfulness Exercise Most People Don’t Know

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Julia Nunes, Coach, author, speaker: I use the mindful pause many times throughout my day, especially when I have several commitments. One example came at the end of my work-day. Upon pausing, my character strength of Zest emerged and I discovered that this was not the end of my day but only the beginning of fun and joy after work!

Martha Fagan, resilience coach/mentor: I recently found myself getting frustrated with a family member who’s undergoing chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. She is 74-years-old and due to fatigue has actively resisted taking short walks recommended by her doctors. As I felt my chest tightening in frustration, I did a mindful pause and the strengths of Love and Fairness flowed through me. I then set aside my judging mind and used these strengths to realize our differences and offer my warm support for her.

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