The Best Mindfulness Exercise Most People Don’t Know

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“Live in the moment,” “one moment at a time,” “just breathe,” “look within,” “be in the here-and-now,” “face your problems head-on.” Who’s not attracted to these mindfulness-related, self-help concepts? In reality, mindfulness is hard work but there is an easy way to access these adages quickly….to begin cultivating your mindfulness…and to activate your strengths at the same time!

I call it The Mindful Pause. It is two simple steps:

1.) Pause and feel your in-breath and out-breath for 10-15 seconds.

2.) Conclude with a question: Which of my character strengths will I bring forward right now?

Why it is Effective?

It’s brief. People love short mindfulness exercises. And, most people don’t want to take much time out of their schedule to practice mindfulness. Everyone has 10-15 seconds.

It integrates into whatever you are doing. Are you waking up about to start your day? Eating lunch? Talking with your boss on the phone? Sending an e-mail? Driving home from work? Doing house-cleaning? Playing with your children? The Mindful Pause brings you into the moment and it puts the onus on you to bring forth your best strength(s)…regardless of what you’re doing.

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