Simple Tips for Practicing Mindfulness To Create A Healthier Mindset

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5. Using Mindfulness To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts

“Practicing mindfulness offers the option to turn down the volume of negative self-talk and irrational thinking to a manageable level. It does this by providing the skill to pause, analyze and then accept the emotion you’re experiencing,” says Shinoda. Gaining awareness of the content of your thoughts is the first step in choosing how you’re going to react to your thoughts.

For example, you may be preparing for an important presentation at work. You may be engaging in negative or unhelpful thoughts, for example, “I’m so nervous about this presentation. The last time I gave a presentation, it didn’t go well. My supervisor is going to be angry with me if I screw this up.” Rather than accepting these thoughts as facts, you can become aware of the thoughts.

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