Rechargeable Heated Insoles

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Keep Yourself Warm and Toasty With Rechargeable Heated Insoles in Cold Winter and Even Challenging Weather!

Are you afraid of the cold? No more cold feet. Rechargeable Heated Insoles are premium-quality heated insoles with a large heating area, even heat distribution.


USB Heated Insoles Foot Warming Pad


PREMIUM MATERIAL: It features a soft and comfortable RED Memory Foam Material, Light, elastic, and with excellent cushioning. It adds a water-proof, breathable, and deodorant feature. The therapy function, far-infrared radiation of carbon fiber heating elements are suitable for the blood circulation of the human body. So, keep your feet warm in winter for optimum blood circulation. 


HIGH BATTERY CONFIGURATION & DURABILITY: With built-in Lithium polymer battery, it’s battery capacity of heating insoles is 1800mAh ensures high performance. It has long worked time and a long lifespan that heats up one a day long by proper use.

AREAS OF APPLICATION: Rechargeable Heated Insoles are perfect for outdoor activities, skiing, hiking, fishing, cycling, hunting to prevent your feet from cold. Against the cold in the household, outdoor cycling, or work in the cold outdoors.


SAFE AND RELIABLE: These insoles are safe and convenient. This one has high heat conversion efficiency, rapid heating, the soft test is an ideal heating material for health care and long life.

CUTTABLE SIZE: The insoles are suitable for different styles and different sizes of men’s shoes and women’s shoes that you don’t have to worry about the size problem.


USB Heated Insoles Foot Warming Pad


Use for: Outdoor, Camping, Skiing, Hunting, Winter Insole Foot Warmer