6 Ways To Teach Your Children Mindfulness At Home

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Raising a family is more often chaotic than calm and finding any time in the day to go to the toilet in peace, let alone meditate, feels like a success.

But now the UK Department of Education has confirmed to The Huffington Post UK that it will be testing mindfulness classes, which focus on prioritising pupil’s happiness and wellbeing, for children as young as eight years old.

New lessons will teach breathing exercises, meditation and how to cope with stress and mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

What if you want to start your own mindfulness practice at home? Here are six ways to try. If you want to meditate:

1. Keep it simple.

One of the first things to keep in mind here is that you are working with children, not adults, so keep your expectations realistic about what you want to get from the session. Especially in terms of how long you can expect them to sit still and not fidget, let alone be mindful.

2. Get a breathing buddy.

Even for adults, sitting down and trying to focus ‘on the breath’ can be pretty difficult, when all your brain wants to think about is the long list of things that still needs doing in the day.

It is no different for your child. To help them focus on their breathing, get them to lie on their back and place a soft toy on their stomach. Then ask them to watch and be aware of the way the toy moves when they are breathing. This will bring presence of mind to their breathing.

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