5 Mindfulness Techniques That Will Improve Your Relationships and Make You a Better Leader

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Often, he adds, not just what we say, but also the tone of voice, gestures, and mannerisms that accompany our statement can make a big difference to how that statement is heard and understood. So once again, Francis recommends slowing down. “If we’re more calm and speak a little more slowly, we subconsciously infuse a more peaceful content into the conversation. That really helps keep the stress level down in a work environment.”

The next step in mindful speech is to tune in to how your speech, and your presence in general, is being received. That skill can take a while to develop, Francis says, even for him. “I started paying attention to how people seemed to feel when I was in their presence,” he says. “Did they feel at ease? Tense? Indifferent? I noticed that sometimes people seemed to feel a little tense. It wasn’t real anxiety, but people felt a little guarded, and I could see that.”

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