5 Mindfulness Techniques That Will Improve Your Relationships and Make You a Better Leader

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2. Mindful walking

Mindful walking is a form of mindfulness meditation that you can do without making time for it in the course of your day. “Most of us do a lot of walking,” Francis notes. “Instead of allowing ourselves to get lost in thoughts of the past or future, if we pay attention to our walking, we’re calming our minds.”

Again, this is an extremely simple technique. While walking, focus on one sensation of your walking, perhaps the feel of your feet making contact with the floor or ground. If that’s not enough to fully engage your attention, count your steps from one to five, then go back to one again. “You want to try to keep your mind in the present moment, and keep stray thoughts at bay,” Francis explains. If you’re not in a hurry, keep a slow pace so as to slow your mind. You can do this any time, while walking from one part of your office to another, or for a few minutes during a break, especially if your workplace is near a park or other good walking spot. Mindful walking will bring you some of the same benefits that seated mindfulness meditation will.

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