10 Fitness And Health Benefits Of Meditation And Mindfulness

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In the study, published in The Journal of Pain, 89 patients with chronic neck pain were randomly placed into meditation and exercise program groups for eight weeks. While meditation and exercise both reduced pain during movement and boosted participants’ quality of life, meditation outshined exercise by maximizing pain relief and the ability to cope with discomfort.

7. Lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death

Transcendental Meditation (often simply called “TM”) is the most researched form of meditation. It has a celeb following that includes some of our former cover guys (including Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and Hugh Jackman). You have to get trained by a teacher, but it’s painless, we promise. Then, you’re supposed to practice for 20-minutes twice a day. It’s a mantra-based meditation so all you have to do is sit with your eyes closed and repeat the mantra (it’s a “meaningless” word given to you when you’re trained) in your head.

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